Sunday, April 25, 2010

No, the Dog Did Not Eat My Blog

After an excessively long sabbatical, it is time to reinstate the blog. I've decided that I'm going to finally stick to Kelly Carrying On instead of creating a new blog for each phase in my life, because as a wise person once said, that's just silly. Besides, I think it adequately expresses the way I aimlessly wander through life while also portraying my eagerness to travel. As if I ever am capable of toting simply one carry-on. But that's beside the point.

Life has been relatively simply these last several months, with me living at home and subbing. I left San Diego and yet I feel as though I've stayed behind since four close friends have moved abroad. I'm eager to follow in their footprints and have accepted an internship at UC Siena over the summer, which will be a great way to enhance my international education experience, excel my Italian skills, and visit old friends.

Although my sites have been set on returning to Europe, I have managed to fit in some inner-continental travel in the last few months. I made a trip to Vegas in January for Preeyanka's birthday and just last week was down in San Diego for Brittany's and Erick's birthdays. Days of birth just seem like good reasons to celebrate, I guess. ;)

Here's a backlogged pic of the whole gang in Vegas:

For a second I thought I was in Europe:

While I was down in SD, Britt took a day off just for me!

What would a trip be without a token pic of me and food?

On Erick's birthday, we stayed up all night dancing, then playing Cranium and eating brownies, and then watching the sunrise:

Staying up for the sunrise with doughnuts and friends minus sleep equals worth it. <3