Sunday, January 3, 2016

Shine On Twenty-nine


I turned 29 on December 29th, and to celebrate, Brittany planned the most beautiful golden birthday party for me.  She chose the Cookhouse in North Beach, which is a very unique venue with huge windows and lots of space, featuring a gourmet, open concept kitchen.  I had seen events up there before from the street and had always wanted to be a part of one!  Brittany makes dreams she didn't even know about come true!

I had known there would be a party, but the location and RSVPs were a surprise.  It was wonderful to walk in and see so many of my favorite faces.  Lots of little elves (my friends) were in the kitchen helping Faith put together appetizers, Brittany had beautifully decorated the space in gold accents, and my brother was the DJ! 


A few thoughtful speeches were given, I got sung "Happy Birthday" twice (once in Italian!), and everyone mingled together while we played the "Guess Who" game (you have a famous person's name taped to your back and you have to ask yes or no questions until you figure out who you are).  One of my favorite things in the world is when my friends make friends with my other friends, and that was happening up a storm.  It was also incredibly special to have my family there.  I was so overwhelmed with love that I barely slept a wink once I got back home that night!


At many Italian birthday parties, they do rounds in front of the birthday cake where the person of honor takes a photo with each of their guests.  What follows is my version of that!

The D'Innocenti Clan
Half of our Freshman dorm representing!

Current roommates!

(I think we made up half the party)
 Maryana brought the Box love

Melissa and I rocking the gold

The fam!

Some of my favorite highlights from the night:
  • Catching Nikhil in the corner furrowing his brow as he tried to figure out who he was in the game "Guess Who".  Pree said, "This game is really getting to Nik."  Cracked me up!
  • James teaching the group how to sing Happy Birthday in Italian, after admitting I had just retaught him the words
  • Brittany freaking having personalized headbands made for the party.  Half said "Kelly's Golden", the other half said "Twenty-nine shine".  That girl thought of everything and made the night so special!
  • Amanda whacking Pree with the golden Squizzles to convince them to come to the after party at 15 Romolo (it worked)


Thank you to everyone who came and gave me hugs, to my loves who had to miss it but were there in spirit, and to everyone who helped Brittany to make an incredible, unforgettable event happen, especially our moms!  And most of all, thank you to Brittany, my BFF and all-time-favorite.  Your love, support, and generosity are an inspiration and means the world to me.  You constantly outdo yourself.  THANK YOU!