Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Legends of the Summer

When someone entitles their tour "Legends of the Summer," they better be prepared to deliver.  No one would've been better suited (pardon the pun) for this task than the wonder that is the JAY Z-Justin Timberlake 2013 collabo.  I don't know the exact number of people packed into Candlestick that night, but it felt like the entire bay area was there, crooning along with JT and bouncing at Jay's command.  It all sounds so cliche, but I really felt like I was in witnessing greatness ("You're in the presence of a king; Scratch that-you're in the presence of a god").  The stage, even before the lights, videos, and special effects started, looked awesome, and you could tell some really mind-blowing shit was about to go down.  

We were prepared for the quivering candlestick cold, but once we were on our feet dancing, even the periodic sharp gusts of wind couldn't hold us down.

You could say we were a little excited.  Yeah, you could say that.

When they came out on stage there was this amazing surge of energy that pulsed through the thousands of fans.  I think my start-of-show dance looked like I needed to pee because I just kept squat-bouncing and whispering "Oh My God" on repeat.  The stage was brilliant, with bright glittering lights, statuesque "legend" figures, geometric patters, or images of Jay/JT shooting across the layered screens.  So while the men themselves didn't physically reach great heights (they looked like tiny toy soldiers), the stage's greatness really compensated.

They sang almost every song we wanted (Jay, how you can skip '03 Bonnie & Clyde, c'mon), and kept the show going fluidly.  They kicked off with "Holy Grail" and flowed into a combined set, with each putting their two cents into the other's songs.  Then Jay Z took a short hiatus while Justin made us melt with his sultry tunes.  Before you knew it, Jay was back with all his problems and empires and we went from swaying to bouncing again.  Finally, for the encore, the two emerged suit-and-tie clad with champagne flutes in hand.  They were so freaking nonchalant.  Jay would just bob his head and sip while JT sang his heart out.  I think when you look up the definition of "cool" in the dictionary it literally just says "Jay-Z".  At least it ought to, because nothing else could describe that word better.

I took a ton of videos for your entertainment and my own reliving.  I also have a good video of 99 Problems but I sounded like too much of a dork singing in the background to post it.  Enjoy!

Izzo (H.O.V.A.):

Like I Love You:

Empire State of Mind:

Suit & Tie:

My voice will never be the same after that much screaming, but it was well worth it.  Oh, and today I bought tickets to JT's solo tour this winter.  Obsessed much?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Field Day

I've been meaning to blog about this for weeks, and decided I had to sneak it in before the upcoming Legends of the Summer Tour post, where you will inevitably see photos of my ghetto-fab tributes to Jay-Z intermixed with photos of my tear-stained cheeks crying out for Justin Timberlake and the injustice that is his premature wedded bliss.

But first, back to baseball.  A couple weeks ago, one of Box's partners, Okta, invited us to join them for a game and a special pre-party at AT&T park, in Triple's Alley.  There was an open bar, a buffet of fun ballpark food including sliders, dogs, and garlic fries, tables scattered with licorice ropes and Cracker Jacks, and best of all, a "patio" that was really just the outfield, no big deal, thank you very much.  

So me and some of the guys from the office (I swear that only 4/50 of the Boxers there were female, I counted) hung out watching batting practice and trying to catch runaway balls, one of which I was generously given by a fellow Boxer.  Unfortunately my Romo favors center rather than right field, but here's Zito, practicing some outfield pitching stances on his night off.

Once it was time to go to our seats, we actually got escorted around the field!  People were pretty psyched.

My ball, marked as "official" and sporting a fun little "practice" stamp on it, held a special spot on my nightstand for a week.  Now I just have to get the team to sign it.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Bey-day 2013

There are certain moments in your life that you know you'll remember and retell for the rest of your days, and Beyonce's Mrs. Carter tour was one of those for me.  We got all dolled up (along with thousands of other people) and headed to San Jose, where we met up with Gio and her sister, Ashley and some friends, and Pree and a few other girls!  We were a pretty big group all dedicated to the glory that is Queen Bey.

The anticipation was building inside HP Pavillion since we didn't know exactly when Beyonce grace the stage.  As one of the staff members said, it's Beyonce-she can come on whenever she wants.  And then, she DID.  

And she continued to sing and dance her ass off for 120 minutes straight, with at least 5 costume changes including leotards, unitards, Batman capes, colorful freakum dresses, and of course, a lot of sequins.  I was sort of speechless for the first song or two, hardly able to scream or dance because I was so in shock-that was really her!  She took up the stage in a way I've never seen before, as if her every movement was 10 times larger than she.  Every step, every shimmy, every pop could be seen and felt by each person in that arena.  And her voice was just stunning; at about 98% perfection, you could tell it was live.  The show included a giant panoramic LCD screen, fire, confetti, Beyonce flying from one stage the next, and a set of incredible male twin dancers.  

She kicked things off with "Girls," hit a few of my favorites along the way ("Schoolin' Life" and "Crazy in Love"), sprinkled in a Destiny's Child hit ("Survivor"), and wrapped things up with a Whitney tribute of "I Will Always Love You" that morphed its way into a stunning finale of "Halo".

Pictures didn't come out that well, but I took several videos (blurry frames are a result of my own booty shaking), all of which I'm posting here so you can try to get an idea of the talent and grandeur that she possessed.  It was inspiring.

Baby Boy:

Schoolin' Life:

Love on Top:


Right before her last few notes of "Halo," she paused to the swelling yells of her wildly satisfied fans, who were crazy in love with her.  It was an overwhelming moment, with her taking in our adoration and silently sending out her appreciation.  I'll admit I got a little teary eyed at the end because I was so happy to be at her show, and to be in the presence of greatness and because please don't go I don't want you to stop singing will you be my best friend come on just stay with us one more song!!

Bey-day was all I had hoped for and more.  I already can't wait for her next tour!