Monday, June 8, 2015

These Are My Reflections

If I were really talented this post would be scored by a Christina Aguilera vs. Usher mashup, or at least a Glee version that layers the Mulan classic "Reflection" on top of "Confessions Part II".  Instead, you'll have to imagine just how great (or potentially catastrophic) that would be.  So excuse the corny title; now you know what I was going for.

This past weekend I spent with my parents in Vacaville, and while garage saling with my mom, we drove down Monte Vista and stumbled upon Vacaville High's senior graduation.  I realized that 10 years ago almost to the day, I was sitting out on that football field, nervous, emotional, and extremely hot, imagining what the future held for me and what my next ten years would be like.

I knew there would be milestones: that I'd go to college, get a job, and become a grown up.  And yet of course as I look back on these last ten years, it's not the big milestones that stand out, but all the wonderful little things that have added up to equal such an amazing life.  Getting a dog for the first time ever, resulting in endless wonderful little Emma kisses.  Discovering pistachio gelato at Sorbetteria Castiglione in Bologna.  Finally moving to San Francisco and getting to live with my best friend every day.

And the people!  You guys have really made it something else.  From UCSD to Bologna, Siena and the villa to San Francisco and Box, I'm constantly amazed at all the wonderful friends I've accumulated around the world (I would need to post an impossible number of photos to include all you incredible people!).

I've gained so much confidence and perspective over these ten years.  I've learned about things not happening as you expect they will, but just as they should.  I've learned that ten pounds is a small price to pay for daily gelato.  I've learned that geography doesn't measure closeness, that you ought to read parking signs, and that it doesn't really matter what you do, but with whom you do it.  

And I've learned that a decade goes by really fast.  Here's to another ten years of new experiences, friends and family old and new, and self discovery.  Oh yes, and food.