Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Baby, it's snowing outside!

This morning I woke up, opened my shutters, and was shocked to see the city and the villa blanketed in snow.  Not since Dec 2010, when my flight back to the states was cancelled, has it snowed in Florence, and this is the first time in which I've been at the villa to see its beauty. 


Now it's certainly not what mid-westerners would consider a lot of snow, but believe me, Florence has already practically shut down in the aftermath of these few inches. Many of the staff arrived late this morning, and some are even hypothesizing about having to stay the night at the villa.  This is one of those times where being the only staff member to live on site is glorious!  I can just enjoy the snow instead of fighting it.


Even the top of the Duomo was a bit frosty this morning!

It's supposed to continue snowing the rest of the day and off and on for a week.  We'll see if I actually make it to Turin this weekend to visit Carlotta!

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