Monday, April 16, 2012

Snooze You Lose

Friday night Anna and I met for aperitivo at Obika', a mozzarella bar, before heading to the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiori for an organ concert by the German organist Klemens Schnorr.  I'm not usually one for organ concerts, but the Duomo is not usually one to put on any concert at all, so it seemed like an opportunity worth grabbing.  The experience was a bit of an enigma, as we both realized that we have no idea how an organ works.  It seemed as if the musician was playing from one keyboard, but with sound emitting from four different sets of pipes.  Anyone adept at organs can feel free to explain this phenomenon to me.  Listening to classical music in such a beautiful church after two glasses of wine was very peaceful, and we even had the added pleasure and contrast of comedy, provided by the lady snoring obnoxiously next to us.

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