Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Feliz Cumpleaños Oscar!

Our jolly janitor Oscar celebrated his 35th birthday yesterday, and to celebrate, we ordered him cupcakes, pitched in for an iPad mini, and got together to sing him Feliz Cumpleaños.  

It was funny-I felt a little like I was back at the villa, collecting activity money from my students and lighting the candles for yet another round of "Tanti Auguri"and 21st birthdays.  It never gets old, because each time you get to make people feel special and see their eyes sparkle gratefully.  And for Oscar, he really got the message nailed home just how much we appreciate all his hard work and constant smiles.

Did he want an iPad, you might ask?  Let's see:

After we sang, Oscar promptly disappeared again, and I found him washing windows.  I told him to stop cleaning, come with me, and eat cake.  While we sat enjoying our Kara's red velvet, he had a huge grin spread across his face and managed to say, "I'm happy."

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