Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Field Day

I've been meaning to blog about this for weeks, and decided I had to sneak it in before the upcoming Legends of the Summer Tour post, where you will inevitably see photos of my ghetto-fab tributes to Jay-Z intermixed with photos of my tear-stained cheeks crying out for Justin Timberlake and the injustice that is his premature wedded bliss.

But first, back to baseball.  A couple weeks ago, one of Box's partners, Okta, invited us to join them for a game and a special pre-party at AT&T park, in Triple's Alley.  There was an open bar, a buffet of fun ballpark food including sliders, dogs, and garlic fries, tables scattered with licorice ropes and Cracker Jacks, and best of all, a "patio" that was really just the outfield, no big deal, thank you very much.  

So me and some of the guys from the office (I swear that only 4/50 of the Boxers there were female, I counted) hung out watching batting practice and trying to catch runaway balls, one of which I was generously given by a fellow Boxer.  Unfortunately my Romo favors center rather than right field, but here's Zito, practicing some outfield pitching stances on his night off.

Once it was time to go to our seats, we actually got escorted around the field!  People were pretty psyched.

My ball, marked as "official" and sporting a fun little "practice" stamp on it, held a special spot on my nightstand for a week.  Now I just have to get the team to sign it.

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