Wednesday, October 2, 2013

SF: You know you want it

Sometimes I like to wait a month to write a blog.  That way it's like double nostalgia.  It's not at all like procrastination.   No, not at all.

One of my besties, Shawn, came to visit for Labor Day Weekend.  I'd been wearing him down for awhile and finally he gave in to his inner yearning and my outward insistance and he bought a ticket to San Francisco.

We like to view every one of Shawn's visit as a trial run, or SF interview, if you will.  We try to show him up-and-coming neighborhoods, great restaurants, and the overall happy-go-lucky, fabulously fun aspects of life in this city (and we don't speak of fog or rent payments).

Dolores Park picnic with our high school friend, Darrin

Dinner at Kitchen Story before dancing in the Castro

Exploring Potrero Hill where we had Turkish breakfast

Enjoying a rest by the water in Dog Park Patch

Breakfast on Gio's patio

Hike through the Presidio, with GG in the background

Shawn deciding that his life would be complete 
if only he lived in San Francisco, 
close to his dear friends Gio and Kelly

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