Monday, September 15, 2014

A Giant Birthday

For my dad's birthday this year, we were fortunate enough to be gifted Giants-Dodgers tickets from a friend of his.  And these weren't just any tickets-no, they were third base line, between home plate and the Giants Dugout, two rows behind Larry Baer, CEO of the Giants organization.  

It was one of those epic birthday celebrations, when all the stars and stripes align, and not only do you have your whole family there and great seats but they're playing the Dodgers, and you're eating delicious nachos with your favorite beer, and Larry Baer wishes you happy birthday, and the Giants have a blow-out win 9-0.  It was one of those kinds of birthdays.

I was walking up the aisle when Larry Baer was arriving at the game, so I put my hand up, exclaimed, "Hi, Larry!" (as my mom likes to say, "You're on a first-name basis, huh?"-I guess I was supposed to say Mr. Baer) and he gave me a high-five with his 5-lb. World Series ring.  That thing is seriously gigantic and ostentatious, taking up all the space between his knuckles-I don't know how he even lifts his hand up.  

Larry, ehm, Mr. Baer, was extremely friendly, happy to chat with anyone that walked up to him, and we even got a happy birthday photo with the boys.  The other boys, the ones actually playing a game on the field while we hob-nobbed and stuffed our faces, were on fire.  We snagged four runs in the first inning alone, Crawford and Ishikawa both got home runs, and MadBum kept the Dodgers from doing much of anything.

It was such a beautiful evening together.  Thanks again to Mr. Guggenhime for the opportunity!

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