Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Baptism of Kendall Rose

On October 17, my baby cousin Kendall was baptized in Hollister, CA, and she looked angelic in her white gown!

She was so good throughout the whole ceremony-in fact, she seemed to be captivated by the priest.  She would look right at him as if she were digesting his every word, and when he would walk to the back of the church, she would start to get fussy until he returned!

Several babies and a couple small children were baptized that day.  Many were calm, cool, and collected, but one screamed bloody murder.  Fortunately, Kendall fell into the former category!  One even applauded himself.  Trying to have a solemn event that revolves around unpredictable little ones always lends comedic relief!


Love this one-mama Ashley looks so happy!
Kendall with her parents, godparents, and the priest

Being baptized is an exhausting affair!

Next, we relocated to Ashley and Ryan's house for lunch.  Everything was decorated so cute! 

The aunts spent much of the party chasing one or the other down to steal the baby back.  She's really quite squeeze-worthy.

She gets so excited when grandpa enters her line of vision! 

 The proud parents

 Can I keep her?

Wearing the bow from the baby blanket I gave her!

Such a blessed little girl!

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