Sunday, May 15, 2016

Birthday at the Ferrari Estate

To celebrate her husband Sam's birthday, Lauren rented a huge house in the Woodside Hills, with a beautiful background that had a pool, hot tub, tennis courts, ping pong table, cabana, and more, and invited a group of their friends to join in the party.  Two of Sam's best friends from college, Nick and Kyle, even flew up from L.A. for the occasion.  Thank goodness I made the cut because it was a seriously fun day!


We found out the estate owner's last name was Ferrari, and based on the looks of the place, we're pretty sure that's not a random coincidence.  There were fountains everywhere, a bar larger than most of our kitchens, and light switches that automatically eased on and faded off.  Check it out:

Having a day to just enjoy a glorious yard, eat BBQ, and hang out laughing with friends in the hot tub felt like the ultimately luxury.  I don't even have one blade of grass where I live, so having that much space to spread out in was incredible. 

We danced, we lounged, some sports were played.  Inevitably, the boys set up beer pong.  Below is the team that talks a big talk.

And then there was my team, who walked the walk (I think I drank one cup for every five of Nick's-it played to our strategy).  ;)

In the evening, we danced around the kitchen island to Justin Bieber and Luke Bryan while prepping for dinner.  After eating delicious chicken gyros (Sam's favorite), we played extreme charades (aka fishbowl), and were then regaled by a lip-sync battle between Nick and Maryana (the girl killed it with Hot in Herre and Bye Bye Bye).

It was so much fun!  We did not want to leave in the morning.  Thank you Lauren for including us all!

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