Saturday, July 9, 2016

Amanda + Andrew

The wedding day was finally upon us!  That morning was spent at the Colibri villa’s infinity pool, where we relaxed, drank champagne, and occasionally channeled Beyonce:

Before we knew it, it was time to get ready and head down to the beach.

The ceremony suited them so well.  Against a backdrop of palm trees and rolling waves, surrounded by tropical wildflowers and loved ones, they committed their love to one another.  

Andrew's first glimpse 

In true Amanda and Andrew fashion, they found lovely ways to make the ceremony burst with joy and inclusion, even taking a moment for the audience to applaud their support of the union, and having guests stand to alternatively tell scripted anecdotes, weaving the tale of their partnership.

Amanda’s vows could be published in a book of poetry; she spoke of all the ways her heart ached for Andrew before he entered her life.  And Andrew’s vows were completely true to self, his love for and dedication to Amanda expressed in touching wildlife metaphors.

It was all so overwhelmingly beautiful.  They did it!


A few portraits:

 Andrew's family

Amanda with her dad, mom, and sister

Our turn!

Some of my favorites from their album:

The luck of these two to find this photo opp!

We had gotten close to the staff at Punta Islita, especially Marvin (below, in his signature polo and khakis), who was the master of operations.  Everyone at the resort was so friendly.  In fact, many of the staff joined us on the dance floor later on at the reception!  Pura vida, indeed.

At the reception, we were sipping mai tais, making bracelets and key chains with local craft women, and taking Polaroids for the guest book.  Mr. and Mrs. made their debut, and while we were enjoying the vegan feast, the maids of honor and best men gave their heartfelt and humorous speeches.

The night of their wedding was the hottest of the trip, and with humidity, the hotel's main restaurant clocked in at 93 degrees.  The biggest saving grace was the ice-soaked washcloths the staff passed around during the dancing.  In all our fancy outfits, you’d find bride and guests alike getting down on the dance floor with an ice-cold neck rag!  It was quite brilliant.

Grandpa dancing was the cutest!

DJ Kelly Kells made her wedding debut, and had a great time!  I consider the fact that there were only 57 people in 93 degree heat yet the dance floor never emptied to be a success. 

The pool had been beckoning to us all night, and finally someone broke the ice and jumped in.  Before you knew it, almost the entire wedding party was fully clothed yet fully submerged!  Dancing, swimming, and singing under the stars was the most exhilarating, perfect finale for their tropical wedding!  

Amanda and Andrew, you two are an inspiration!  Your wedding weekend was filled with so much love and warmth, not to mention fun and laughter.  Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to experience the pura vida and to share in your celebration of love.  I truly cannot wait to see how you two take on the world together. 

First dance, to "A Sky Full of Stars"

Note on the photos: A&A didn’t have to pay for travel and lodging for their photographer-apparently there are professionals who list countries they wish to visit, and incorporate the gig into a vacation!  Great career choice.  Nicki did a wonderful job, and any of the truly fantastic photos you see in this post are hers.  See De Nueva Photography.

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  1. That first picture is so epic; it's hard to believe we actually know the people getting married under the palm trees! Thanks for documenting this trip, DJ Kelly Kels.