Saturday, October 29, 2016

Suite 108 Book Club


Eleven years ago Brittany and I started UCSD by being assigned Suite 108 in Harlan Hall.   With it, we inherited a lovely bunch of girlfriends, with most of whom we're still in touch.  Several of us live in the Bay Area (two of us in the same apartment), but Amanda lives in Chicago and Kristen, in North Carolina.  Weddings, birthdays, vacations: we find meaningful ways to bridge distances and still see each other often.

Earlier this year, Brittany put a book club into motion between the six of us, effectively making us even closer, as we now periodically meet over video calls to catch up and discuss our latest selection.  

Somehow, the stars aligned in late September, and one Saturday while Kristen was in the bay for a friend's wedding, Amanda was flying through SFO with a 3-hour layover.  So we took advantage of the opportunity, and Brittany and I hosted our first-ever in-person Book Club!

Kristen's husband Daniel was our special guest (we should've made him read the book too!), and surprisingly, we spent most of the short time we had altogether actually talking about the book (you should read it: Homegoing), and the rest of it catching up on life and marveling that we were all in the same place at the same time.  If only for an hour and a half, it was pretty spectacular to have that time together!

Not much has changed since Harlan Hall!

We're still reading but now there's wine involved. 

If you're not in a book club, I highly recommend starting one.  I used to be intimidated for some reason, but it's an amazing way to keep in touch with old friends in a meaningful way.  Plus, we have way too much fun!

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