Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Return to the Lighthouse

We decided to make the most of Lauren's trip to California by planning a quick girls' getaway at Pigeon Point.  Brittany and I had been three years ago for #lighthousepartyofsix, and were excited to share the spot's magic with Maryana and Lauren.

It was a beautiful weekend, with wisps of white clouds polka-dotting the blue skies.  We picked up rations in Pescadero and settled into the hostel at Pigeon Point.  Now I'm not normally one to stay in hostels, but this place is all about location.  It's right off Highway 1 near Halfmoon Bay, surrounded by nothing, on the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean.  The place is absolutely serene, with sweeping views, bright stars in the sky, and the sounds of ocean waves rolling through your windows.  Twenty-four hours here can feel like a week, in the best way!

I was liable to bust a gut the whole time, the girls had me laughing so hard.  From disaster pants to Mother Teresa (don't ask), we were holding our sides or wiping tears from our eyes more often than not.  So much silliness. 

There was plenty of time for quiet moments as well, taking in the beauty around us and some much-needed R&R. 

Dinner was perfect.  We snagged lots of fresh produce, artichoke bread, and local goat cheese from the market and created quite a spread for ourselves while overlooking the water.

Finally it was time for the long-awaited moment: hot tub on the cliffs at sunset!  We played lightning rounds of the question game and tried not to boil alive as we took in the phenomenal view. 

That night Brittany taught the girls shithead (which appropriately we learned at a hostel bar in Puerto Rico, she reminded me), and after a few rounds we moved on to the fire pit to roast marshmallows and chatted a bit with the other people staying on-site. 

Next morning, we explored Pescadero, making stops at Harley Farms and Pie Ranch. 

As you know, Brittany loves baby goats

We played more shithead throughout the morning at various stops, got at some delicious goat cheese, and later finished it all off with pie.

It was an absolutely rejuvenating, soul-nourishing weekend with people I love!  Pigeon Point will always be such a special place to me, with new memories built upon those before.

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