Friday, December 15, 2017

Autocamp Fiesta

In early November, Kristen and Daniel came out to California and we headed north to Ari's Fiesta di Trienta at Autocamp in Guerneville.  We got to stay in these phenomenally trendy, tricked out airstream campers (think walk-in shower and built-in bluetooth speakers), all circling a large grassy area, community fire pit, and lodge.  

Ari had 50 of her closest friends (do I even have 50 friends?  Not sure.) come out to celebrate her 30th birthday in cozy, colorful, camping style.  Everyone had a great time playing games, enjoying the fresh air, chowing down on tacos and sipping on margs, and cuddling up by the fires.

She did such a great job with the decor-it really felt like a fiesta!

For dinner, we lined up a handful of picnic tables in the grass to create a giant banquet.  There were beautiful toasts all around, lots of laughs and tears, and a ton of precious gratitude just oozing out of Ari! 

Wishing her an amazing 31st year!  Thanks, Ari, for organizing such a lovely fiesta for all of us to enjoy and celebrate you!

The next morning, we grabbed breakfast with the group before heading out to explore the area.  Since Daniel's from North Carolina, it's always nice to show him new areas of his wife's state!

Our first stop was Armstrong National Park, where we we crawled through trees and learned about how redwoods don't burn.


Next, we drove down the coast by Jenner and Bodega Bay, frequently stopping for views and snacks, like biscuits from Big Bottom (overrated) and clam chowder at Spud Point (pretty damn good).


That evening we swung by the east bay to see Pree and Nik, and so that Kristen could finally meet baby Rishaan!  Nothing like hanging out with a baby in a bar. 

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