Monday, September 3, 2012

SF: "So close I can smell the dirt"

No all-American trip would be complete without a baseball game, and my dad was able to get us stellar tickets in the third row right next to the Giant's dugout for a game against the Nationals a couple weeks back.  Our seats were so good that Brittany said we were, "So close I can smell the dirt."  We could even see right into the dugout, and Bochy scowled at me once, making me feel very special.

The experience down in those seats is very different from anywhere else.  There are waiters who deliver excellent food right to your seats so you never miss a play, extremely privileged men who drape their sweaters over their shoulders, and a fantastic view of the Giants' stretching techniques before the go up to bat (imagine lots of bending). 

We put a lot of effort into rooting for The Panda, and Pablo looked right at us several times (I guess it's hard to miss the girl wrapped in a Giants snuggie with bright orange troll hair).  Brittany favored Crawford's stretching while Letizia was more partial to Pence.  Perhaps most notably, this may just be the last photo taken of Melky Cabrera's tush before his drug suspension:

Mom and I had spent hours teaching Letizia the rules of the game, and she caught on quickly.  It was a fantastic game, and most importantly just a really fun night spent with friends and family.

This man stuck around for a bit after the game doing interviews, and we sneaked through the crowd to get his autograph.   I giggled out, "Hi Brandon," Brittany grazed his fingertips, Letizia practically had a whole conversation with him, and when Daniel finally got his turn, Brandon Belt decided to call it a day.

And now, because laughter heals the soul and makes us all live longer, and because I have enough confidence that my pride can bounce back from a serious blow, I present to you Letizia's candid, entitled, "Call Me Maybe".


The following day we headed right back to the city to see Les Miserables.  We laughed, we cried, we hummed the tunes for days, you know the drill.  I was so happy to finally see another musical!

On Letizia's last day here, she and I drove out to Marin county to visit Muir Woods.  We made an impromptu stop at Muir Beach first, where we ate our picnic and watched kids trying to surf in the freezing water.

The whole day was an adventure, and as there was something around every corner that would excite Letizia, we made frequent stops.  It made me look at everything in a new light.

I'd never been to Muir Woods, and I knew Letizia would appreciate the natural landscape in Marin.  The redwoods were glorious and so peaceful.  We spent an hour wandering through the woods, learning about the magnificent trees, and reflecting on from where the impressionists drew their inspiration. 


Later that evening we crossed the Golden Gate to meet Gio at the Academy of the Sciences for their Thursday night cocktail party.  We didn't have a lot of time because we'd promised ourselves home for a delicious surf & turf dinner with my parents, but I think Letizia enjoyed seeing what we could of the event.  Mostly, I think she appreciated the drive over the bridge and along Divisadero in the city.  She's right there with me on believing that it's not about the destination, but the journey.

And then somehow, it was time for her to depart.  We had had so much fun together and made so many happy memories in just two weeks.  I loved having such a beloved piece of Italy here with me, even for a short while, and it was so hard to send her off!  She is such a hungry traveler, always excited to learn more about the culture and take the road less traveled for an authentic experience.  She was legitimately overjoyed with any and everything we did.  I'm certainly going to miss having her around, but California will await her return!

Grazie di cuore, Leti, per la tua amicizia e tutta la gioia che tu porti con te.  Mi manchi!  Alla prossima volta in California...

(Wide angle photos credit: Letizia Nardi)


  1. Kelly,

    I have truly enjoyed reading your blog, and this post was no different. Thank you for taking us along on your wonderful journey and I hope all is well!

    Best wishes,

  2. Thank YOU for all this; the amazing trip and these fantastic posts that made me relive our time in California! And I just thought of something I've been missing since I got home: all the interesting and sometimes creepy conversations with your mom, about books, and ghosts and morals and a lot more. I truly enjoyed every breakfast (and dinner, and snack..) accompanied by this lovely chatting. Grazie!