Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Auguri Eva!

On May first, which is Labor Day here in Italy, Giuditta's daughter Eva turned three and we were invited to the restaurant to celebrate and share cake with them.  It was so sweet of Giuditta to invite Alan's family and me because it was really just their close family at the party.  Eva and Massimiliano spent the afternoon flirting, playing, consuming copious amounts of sugar, and sharing a couple innocent kisses.

The cake was spectacular, designed by a friend of Giudi's and littered with characters from a popular children's show here.  When Eva was blowing out her candles she got so close to the flame that it looked like she was going to eat it by way of extinguishing it!

Since Anna Maria, Alan's wife, had to work on Labor Day (which was illegal to make her do), Giuditta's mother-in-law apparently thought I was Massimilano's mother all afternoon.  She kept asking me questions about how tall he was and how much he weighed and I couldn't answer her.  I also didn't get up when he ran far from the table or out the front door.  She must've thought I was the worst mother ever, since it took me a couple hours to realize her misunderstanding and set her straight, and still it took several attempts.

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