Thursday, May 24, 2012


My mom has been taking a run down memory lane the last couple months, ever since I decided to make this trip.  She's been digging through old photos and reliving happy memories, taking every opportunity on the phone to tell me as much as she can about her homeland.  She and my dad have undertaken this great project to scan and send me lots of old photos, both from her childhood and from my two infantile trips to the Azores (at 6 and 21 months, I believe).  I wanted to share some of them with you.  Above is the lovely wedding photo of my mom's mother and father, and below, her father looking like quite the strapping young lad.

When I was really tiny, Avo would feed me, but once I got bigger I took it upon myself to feed him.

Below is baby Kelly, my mom, and my great-grandmother.  As mom said, three generations with one missing.

Below is the youngest picture I've seen of my mom.  At this point she's such a mom, it's really impossible to imagine her as a baby!

Here's her and her brother, (my padrinho) Carlos Albert, looking extremely well-behaved!  

When I was born, my parents and grandparents bought me a calf.  Just imagine, at one point in my life, I had my own cow. 

The island is full of farm animals, and as my grandfather had many, I got to do something most people only dream of doing: ride a six-legged horse.

On my second trip to the Azores, my godfather and his family, including my baby cousin Ashley, joined us.  There's lots of happy memories, photos and home videos of this trip.  We had lots of fun (I am told), riding on precarious carts and picking grapes for the harvest.

It's easy to understand why the following photo is one of my all-time family favorites.  I present to you, Padrinho in his purple shorts:

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  1. The one of just your mom as a baby - she looks so much like Daniel!!