Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Final Final Banquet

Yesterday was officially my last day as Villa Le Balze's Resident Coordinator.  The spring students have all taken flight and I'm just wrapping up my last few days at the villa before jetting off to Lisbon and the Azores for three weeks to give the other half of my ancestral blood some quality time.  Expect many a blog on that in the coming month, but for now I have some Florentine updates to share.  It's been non-stop as I enjoy some days off and do my best to see everyone!

We recently threw the final banquet for the spring quarter, and I think I realized day of that it was my final final banquet.  It was a relaxing evening with beautiful weather and great company.  I got to spend some quality time with Alan and Giuditta and their families, and say goodbye to some professors and other villa friends that I may never see again.

Giuditta, villa business manager, but more important, friend

Tina Fallani, our fabulous film professor, and fellow SF lover...Watch out for our Italian aperitivo restaurant to open stateside in the near future

Alan's Ecuadorian mother-in-law, Anna Maria, who is one of the sweetest people I've ever met

La famiglia Emanuele, one of our host families-can't get enough of them!

Eva, Giuditta's little princess, and one of the cooks, Eleonora

 Alan with Massimiliano and Eva with her dad, Danielle

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