Wednesday, January 8, 2014

'Twas the Month of December 2013

'Twas the month of December, all were dreaming of home.
And to keep up with tradition, 'tis time for a new poem.
"She did this last year!" you may think in your head,
"Hello, it's tradition," I already said.

The lights were hung in Glen Park with care,
While bumping *NSYNC-a never-ending teenage love affair.
Our humble abode we have come to adore,
And even more so with our Christmas decor.

The De Young Museum Box overtook for the night
Black, white, and Box blue, plus an open bar-what a sight!
The Bulgari exhibit!  They were careful to lock it.
So many sparkles I wanted to put in my pocket.

When out on the web, Bey's surprise album made a clatter,
Proving once and for all, other musicians don't matter.
So the Kellys pulled down the screen and didn't ask permission
To pop bottles and corn, and show her saucy "Partition".

The parties continued!  Our spirits, how merry!
Just don't check your credit card.  Now, that shit is scary.

Blasts from the past, friends come from near and far,
So nice to catch up, but too quick to say au revoir.

I wanted to take Emma and wrap her up in a bow
Because her usual cuteness had stolen the show.

In Vacaville, this house's display kept going strong,
Just tune your radio, and the lights of the house will dance along.

Christmas day finally came, the family all together,
Everyone dressed up and Daniel in his old man sweater.

Kelly, Santa did not swindle,
But she gave up her morals and now reads on a Kindle.

We drank cranberry martinis and ate bacalhau,
Then no more food would our stomachs allow.

Soon it was my birthday, but I had no need to fear,
For twenty-seven should prove to be an excellent year.

I even got flowers from two dear amici,
If only they lived closer, my life would be peachy.

We drank Calabrian liquor and had dinners on dinners,
And the people with whom I celebrated in my heart are all winners.

Not everything in December was as rosy as it sounds,
But through the difficult times, love abounds.
We acknowledge that our life is precious yet brief,
Happy memories and friends help support us through grief.

Twenty-thirteen brought many changes, it's true,
But now it is time that we bid you adieu.
I thank you for the new job, new friends, and new home,
And now into 2014 I shall bravely roam!

Again I sprang to the internet, to my blog gave a whistle,
And away my thoughts flew like the down of a thistle.
Now you'll hear me exclaim, through these words that I write,
"Happy New Year to all, and to all a good-night!"

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